The ARC Insider

The ARC Insider, Episode 24: Regional rifts and trade partnerships - In conversation with Sonal Sejpal, one of Kenya’s most notable figures in finance and trade.

March 26, 2021

Karen and Tara discuss recent socio-political developments from across Africa, including the announcement of the death of Tanzania’s President John Magufuli and the escalating unrest in Senegal.

This week, the presenters are joined by a very special guest, Sonal Sejpal - a leading figure in the world of East African finance and trade. Sonal helped to establish East Africa’s largest legal practice, Anjarwalla & Khanna Advocates. She is a staunch advocate for women in the law and now chairs the British Chamber of Commerce in Kenya. Sonal joins the episode from Nairobi and conversations include an analysis of Kenya’s economic outlook, the country’s new trade deal with the UK and gender equality in law and business. 

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